Updated: 31 Jul 2021
Where Can I Go?
Travel in Corona Times.
Can I go to Mali?
ImmigrationMost visitors require a visa to enter Mali. There are additional Covid-19 related entry restrictions in place.
General entry requirements to Mali are available on Wikipedia.
You can verify your right to enter Mali on the IATA Travel Centre.
Government GuidanceGovernments typically warn against all travel to Mali. You can find detailed travel advice here:
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Covid-19 TrendNo significant new infections recorded.
Average daily infection rates for the last week were 4.9, compared to the monthly average of 4.9 this is a change of 0.0%.
Average daily death rates for the last week were 0.3, compared to the monthly average of 0.2 this is a change of +50.0%.
You can find detailed statistics at the John Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center.

Country Information
Region         Sub-Saharan Africa
Capital         Bamako
Currency         West African CFA franc (XOF)
Driving Side         right
Electricity         220 V/50 Hz (C / E Plug)
No country is risk free. Security and health situations develop fast. You need to make yourself aware of risks. Before you decide to travel, please make sure you check your personal risk profile and obtain information that is specific to you (such as advice by your own government and health professional). Covid-19 infection numbers are based on a comparison of the daily average for the last 7 vs the last 30 days. Infection data gathering varies across nations and can only serve as an indication of actual infection numbers.